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Jane Garrett Ryder was born and raised in the fine state of Illinois. In 2005 she received her BFA from Bradley University and went on to earn her MFA at Northern Illinois University four years later. In 2009 Ryder moved from Northern Illinois to South Central Iowa; where she can be found tromping through various muddy environments in search of fossils, arrowheads, and new artistic content. Her change from an urban environment to a rural setting has influenced her paintings in many significant ways. A deeper understanding of the interactions between man, animal, plant, dirt, water, and sun have affected the content and compositions of Ryders body of work.

Artist Statement

My paintings are a right-brained approach to observing, dissecting, and recording the objective subject matter found in the lakes, rivers, prairies, and forests of south central Iowa. As my intimacy with the land surrounding me evolves so do my approaches for depicting the complexities of varying terrains and the plants and animals that occupy them.
Each of my gouache paintings is a fictitious ecosystem that has been broken down into a series of vignettes. Each vignette describes the decay, growth, and interaction between the flora and fauna of that imagined place. Although bold colors, repeating patterns, and flattened space make the paintings appear fantastic in nature, each scene is based off an observation.
I am constantly inspired by the complexities of the natural world. My work is an ever evolving narrative about the interconnectedness of all things and the functions of an organism in a community of plants and animals.

Jane Ryder
b. 1983

2009 MFA, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois.
2005 BFA, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois.
Solo Exhibitions
2016 Effigy Mound. Wakeley Gallery, Illinois Wesleyan University. January 2016
2015 Effigy Mound. The Silverwood Gallery. St. Anthony, Minnesota.
2014 Iowa Dirt. The First Bank and Trust Gallery at Dakota State University. Madison, South Dakota.
2011 Instincts. Madison Area Arts Council. Madison, South Dakota.
2009 MFA Thesis Show, Flux Biota. Gallery 214, DeKalb, Illinois.
2008 Until They Create Many Planets. The Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, Illinois.
2005 Fight or Flight: BFA Thesis Show. Hartmann Gallery, Bradley University. Peoria, Illinois. 2009.
Juried and Select Group Exhibitions
2015 Ducks: Inaugural Show curated by Ryan Travis Christian. Minotaur. Los Angeles, California. (forthcoming) 
2014 GDM EXH 21. The Polk County Heritage Gallery. Des Moines, Iowa. Juror: Mark Marturello.
On the Periphery. The Silverwood Gallery. St. Anthony, Minnesota. Juror: Christopher Atkins.
The Art of it All. The Shy Rabbit. Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Juror: D Michael Coffee.
Worn Out. The Ocelot Print Shop. Detroit, Michigan. Curated by Joseph D’uva and Joel Peck.
The Coaster Show: Pop up Show at The Confluence Brewery. Curated by Eight Seven Central Screen Printing.
27th Annual McNeese Works on Paper. Abercrombi Gallery, McNeese State University. St. Charles, Louisiana. Juror: Louis Grachos. 
Wild Things. Sweet Water Art Center. Selwickley, Pennsylvania. Juror: Cynthia Shaffer.
Habitat. Franklin Arts Center Gallery. Brainerd, Minnesota.
Ecovision. Brandt Gallery, McLean Art Center. Bloomington, Illinois.
2013 Geometry in Nature. The Silverwood Park Gallery. St. Anthony, Minnesota. Juror: Liz Miller.
Perceptual Excavations. The Tejas Gallery. Dayton, Ohio. Juror: Mary Pat Turner.
Bloom. Franklin Arts Center Gallery. Brainerd, Minnesota.
Leftovers: A Print Exhibition. Wharepuke Gallery, New Zealand and Swansea Print Workshop, Wales.
2012 Artbook: The Show. Greymatter Gallery. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
2012 Small Works Exhibition. The Tejas Gallery. Dayton Ohio. Jurors: Rebecca Sargent and Kelly Sexton.
Iowa Artists Regional Exhibition. The Iowa Building Gallery. Oskaloosa, Iowa. Juror: Mark McWhorter. Blue Ribbon First Place Award Recipient.
2011 Gargle, Growl, Gulp: The Works of Jane Ryder, Jillian Ludwig, and Chris Hutson. The Peoria Art Guild. Peoria, Illinois.
Biotic/Semiotics: Drawing on Signs of Nature. The Alan Priebe Gallery. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Juror: Michelle Grabner.
Arte Natura. The Limner Gallery. Hudson, New York.
Kentucky National 2011. Clara M. Eagle Gallery. Murray, Kentucky. Juror: Matthew Strauss.
Meshed. The Black Cloud Gallery. Chicago, Illinois.
2010 Contemporary Drawing Discourse. S. Tucker Cooke Gallery. Asheville, North Carolina. Juror: Deborah Rockman.
2009 Fauna. The Works of Steve Seeley and Jane Ryder. South Bend Museum of Art, South Bend, Indiana.

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Interviews | Published Work
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